What caused Alex Kersten to leave Car Throttle?

Alex Kersten will be leaving Car Throttle.If you enjoy watching automotive entertainment on YouTube, you’ve probably heard of Car Throttle. Car Throttle began as an internet blog in 2009, and a YouTube channel was launched shortly after.

Alex Kersten began working for Car Throttle in 2012. Adnan Ebrahim, the creator of Car Throttle, hired Alex to head up the video section. Car Throttle’s YouTube channel has grown to well over 3 million subscribers and 700 million video views since then.

Alex announced his exit from Car Throttle in 2022. This came as quite a surprise to fans of car content. For ten years, he was the channel’s face. But why did Alex abandon Car Throttle? Continue reading to find out!

Why did Alex decide to leave Car Throttle?

Alex Kersten officially quit Car Throttle on April 28th, 2022 to launch his own channel, ‘Autoalex Cars’. Alex claims that he wanted to take the risk of having his own channel, where he could create whatever films he wanted.

It’s reasonable to say that many CT fans were taken aback when Alex announced that he has formally quit the firm. Alex was the face of Car Throttle for a long period. Alex contributed to the channel’s distinctive and comic masterstroke of automotive inventiveness, from the 2 Guys 1 Car series through the latter NC500 and SC500 challenge videos.

Despite widespread assumption, Alex has stated numerous times that he never owned Car Throttle (CT). His title was Head of Video, and he was paid like any other employee. As a result, he never had complete creative (or monetary) authority over the CT YouTube channel.

As Car Throttle was sold to several publishing organizations, Alex’s ability to create the videos he desired became increasingly limited. Because of this, Alex took the risk of starting his own channel, initially as a part-time side hustle.

In the first episode of Alex’s new podcast, he reveals more about why he left Car Throttle. Alex didn’t anticipate his own channel to be so successful so quickly, and what started out as a side project suddenly developed into a full-time profession. I strongly advise you to listen to the episode if you want to learn more about the topic.

While it was assumed that Alex would continue to participate in Car Throttle videos on a freelance basis, it quickly became evident that his own channel was profitable enough to justify a full-time effort.

Will Alex continue to appear in Car Throttle videos?

Alex initially announced that he will continue to work on Car Throttle videos on a freelance basis. However, due to the popularity of his personal channel, it appears that this is no longer the case.

It’s safe to say Alex’s new channel is well-liked. Extremely popular. He currently has roughly 560,000 subscribers. The station has high watching figures, which most likely correlates to high advertising revenue.

Alex is most likely generating substantially more money on his own channel than he did working for Car Throttle, when combined with sponsorships. All of those BMWs aren’t cheap!

Aside from money, Alex’s personal channel represents creative freedom and the chance to go his own way. If he has a great idea for a video, he can now make it happen without having to go through lengthy approval processes and budget demands.

We’d love to see Alex return to Car Throttle in some way soon. Many fans miss the chemistry and camaraderie that Alex, Ethan, and Jack brought to each and every video, whether it’s for a huge reunion, a challenge video, or a simple catch-up.

Will Car Throttle continue to create videos?

Yes, Car Throttle will continue to produce new videos. Ethan, Jack, and Edwin keep adding new videos to the Car Throttle YouTube account.

Much of Car Throttle’s post-Alex content has centered on challenges and builds. Since Alex’s departure in April 2022, both Jack and Edwin have taken on more of a presenter role.

Jack’s humorous banter and Edwin’s mechanical understanding form a strong team, while Ethan, well… Ethan. All joking aside, I’ve been absolutely enjoying the CT guys’ latest uploads.

Car Throttle’s YouTube channel is still the place to go for those of us who appreciate doable projects and low-budget adventures.

Is Gareth still a part of Car Throttle?

It’s unclear whether Gareth Potter will continue to appear in subsequent Car Throttle videos. Gareth and Alex had been close friends since their university days, and Gareth would frequently appear as a technical advisor and co-presenter in CT videos.

Many old-school Car Throttle watchers may recall Alex and Gareth working on Phil, the beloved Mazda MX-5, to bring him back to life with a V6 engine.

Gareth has not appeared in any new Car Throttle videos since Alex’s departure. He has, however, appeared alongside Alex in a couple videos on his personal YouTube channel.

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Car fans may expect these tendencies to evolve further in the next months and years. As technology progresses, we may see even quicker and longer-range electric vehicles on the market, while traditional sports cars adjust to satisfy new environmental regulations.

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When one door closes, another one opens, as the saying goes. This is certainly true for Alex Kersten. Alex’s departure from Car Throttle came as a surprise to those of us who appreciate automotive material on YouTube, but it was ultimately a positive move that meant twice the amount of enjoyable stuff for us.

I can’t help but be glad for Alex and his new channel’s success. I’m really looking forward to seeing where both channels go in the future, and I hope you are as well.

What are your thoughts on Alex’s departure from CT? Please let me know in the comments!

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