The Guide to Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car

Get ready for a heart-pounding adventure with Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car! This electrifying television series combines the thrill of reviving old vehicles with the joy of making dreams come true. “Join forces with the unstoppable duo, Mike Brewer and Marc Elvis Priestley, as they embark on an adrenaline-fueled quest to uncover hidden treasures, transform them into jaw-dropping dream cars, and explore the fascinating world of automotive restoration in the ultimate Guide to Wheeler Dealers.”

The distinguishing factor of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is its exclusive emphasis on making people’s car dreams come true. Every episode showcases individuals who have longed to own their dream car but were unable to due to financial constraints or the inability to find a well-maintained one. Mike and Elvis step in with their knowledge and unwavering commitment to transform these dreams into tangible reality.

The show captures car enthusiasts’ attention and evokes fond memories and awe in those who once fantasized about driving their dream car. It’s more than just changing metal; it’s about bringing back hope, igniting interests, and reminding us that dreams can become reality with the support of a capable team.

Who presents Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

Ever wondered who takes the wheel as the presenter of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car? Look no further than Brewer, whose charisma and charm are simply unignorable in his captivating on-screen performance. Brewer infuses the program with an obvious vitality that enthralls listeners from the very beginning, thanks to his contagious enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of autos.

The presenter of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is a genuine car lover who enthusiastically explores every aspect of the cars featured on the show, sharing his vast knowledge with both viewers and participants. His ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life makes him an engaging host, effortlessly captivating audiences.

Whether skillfully negotiating deals or delving into meticulous restoration work, Brewer never fails to emanate irresistible energy that propels viewers on an exhilarating journey through the world of dream cars.

What sets Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car apart is Brewer’s ability to connect with people on a personal level. He understands that these dream cars hold a special place in their owners’ hearts, and he takes great care to ensure they are involved throughout the restoration process. Whether negotiating deals at auctions or getting hands-on under the hood, Brewer’s authentic approach keeps viewers glued to their screens.

Who completes the charismatic duo on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car? It’s none other than Ant Anstead, the show’s mechanic extraordinaire. Working alongside Mike Brewer, Anstead brings his vast expertise in restoring vintage vehicles to add an invaluable dimension to the series.

As they work their magic on each dream car project, Brewer and Anstead form a formidable team that ensures viewers are entertained throughout every process.

Is Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Finished?

Fear not, devoted followers of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car! The beloved car restoration show still needs to be completed. Put any doubts to rest, as we assure you that the highly acclaimed spin-off series is still thriving and promises countless more exhilarating episodes ahead.

With the charismatic duo of Mike Brewer and his new partner-in-crime, Alex Riley, Dream Car invites viewers to embark on an electrifying expedition across the UK in pursuit of neglected vintage automobiles destined for a magnificent transformation.

The popular car restoration show Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car has left fans wondering if it will return for another season or has reached its end. While there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the show’s future, several factors suggest that it may have ended.

Firstly, the show has been on the air for five successful seasons, with each episode following Mike Brewer and his team as they find and restore classic dream cars for deserving owners. This suggests that the natural lifespan of the series may have reached its conclusion.

In a recent interview, host Mike Brewer hinted at a potential shift in focus. He expressed his desire to explore different types of shows and expand his horizons within the automotive industry. This could indicate that he is ready to move away from the familiar format of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car and embark on new projects.

However, nothing is set in stone yet, leaving fans anticipating and excited about what might come next for Brewer.

If you’re a big fan of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car, don’t fret! There are plenty more episodes coming your way. Get ready for more exciting makeovers and heartwarming tales as Mike Brewer and his crew keep turning dreams into reality, one car at a time. Stay tuned!

What Was The Most Expensive Car In Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

The first season of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car took viewers on a thrilling ride as Mike Brewer and Marc Elvis Priestley helped car enthusiasts transform their dream rides into reality. The 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV stood out among the show’s remarkable assortment of vehicles due to its staggering price. This recognizable supercar is frequently cited as one of the most exquisite vehicles ever created, and it undoubtedly has a high price to match.

With only 150 produced, finding a Miura SV was already challenging. However, the meticulous restoration process made this particular car truly unique. The team spared no expense in ensuring every element was restored to perfection, from sourcing original parts to handcrafting missing pieces. As a result, this Miura reached an astonishing final cost of over $1 million.

The DMC DeLorean took center stage in Season One, Episode Six of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car, as the ultimate splurge on the show. With its sleek stainless steel exterior and iconic gull-wing doors, this car effortlessly captivates car enthusiasts with a mix of admiration and longing for days gone by. Surprisingly enough, Mike was able to add this legendary vehicle to his collection for just $32,000.

The skyrocketing demand and immense popularity surrounding DeLoreans have resulted in a remarkable increase in value over the years. Today’s collectors are willing to fork out an astonishing sum of $50,000 or possibly more for a DeLorean that has been meticulously taken care of. When pondering the potential prospects for profitability down the road, Mike’s purchase becomes all the more impressive.

What sets the Miura SV apart is its exclusivity and undeniable presence on and off-screen. Even though much of the work done on it was behind closed doors, viewers could still appreciate the time and effort that went into turning this classic beauty into a modern masterpiece through glimpses provided during each episode.

How Can I Apply to Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

To start, visit the official website for Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car and look for any casting announcements or open applications. The show periodically seeks out new participants, so keep an eye out for when they are accepting submissions. When you discover a chance to apply, be sure to properly read and adhere to all submission conditions. Add as much information as possible about the vehicle you have chosen, its present state, and why it is special to you.

You should also add any tales or personal anecdotes that might catch the casting team’s interest. Remember to highlight your enthusiasm for cars and your readiness to participate in this special restoration journey, in addition to offering compelling arguments for why your car should be chosen.

Showcasing your knowledge about cars and sharing interesting facts or details about your dream vehicle can help set you apart from other applicants. Don’t hesitate to let your personality shine through in both written responses and videos submitted with your application; this can make a lasting impression on those reviewing submissions.

Never underestimate the immense influence of social media in your quest for these incredible opportunities. Take action and reach out to Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car across multiple social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Make a lasting impression by actively participating in their posts through thoughtful comments and direct messages that showcase your unwavering enthusiasm for joining the show. Utilize strategic hashtags associated with Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car to ensure that your passion shines through amidst a sea of fervent fans all vying for their shot at this remarkable experience.

Which Cars Have Been Featured on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

If you’re a fan of the popular car restoration show Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car, then you know that it features some incredible automobiles. From classic sports cars to vintage muscle cars, the show has showcased a wide range of vehicles over its run.

One car that has been featured on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is the iconic Chevrolet Corvette C2 Sting Ray. This American classic is known for its sleek design and powerful performance, making it a dream car for many enthusiasts. The episode focused on restoring this beauty to its former glory, highlighting the intricate process involved in bringing back an old gem.

Another impressive car that stole the spotlight on Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is the legendary Ford Mustang Boss 429. This rare muscle car was built for speed and power, with only around 1,300 units ever produced. The episode followed the journey of restoring this beastly machine and highlighted its unique features, making Mustang fans swoon with excitement.

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S steals the show! This German masterpiece is all about timeless design and jaw-dropping performance that will leave any car enthusiast in awe. The dedicated team at Wheeler Dealers scoured every corner to find a neglected Porsche 911, just waiting for their magic touch. They poured their hearts into transforming it into an absolute stunner, showcasing the sheer amount of effort it takes to revive these beauties and make them shine brighter than ever before!

Overall, Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car has brought some truly remarkable automobiles to our screens. Whether it’s a vintage British roadster or an American muscle car, each episode offers a glimpse into the passionate world of automotive restoration while captivating viewers with stunning machines that fuel dreams and inspire all those who love cars.

Why Is Ant Anstead Not On Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car?

Ant Anstead’s absence from Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car has been a topic of discussion among fans. Many have speculated about the reasons behind this unexpected change. One possible reason could be Ant’s busy schedule, as he is known for juggling multiple projects and commitments.

It’s no secret that the automotive industry is fast-paced and demanding, requiring constant innovation and creativity. Perhaps Ant felt it was time to explore new opportunities or focus on his other ventures.

It is imperative to acknowledge that Ant Anstead did not entirely disassociate himself from the Wheeler Dealers franchise. Despite his departure from the primary program in 2020, he continued to contribute as a host and participant in various episodes of the Dream Car series. This strategic decision afforded him the opportunity to explore his fervor for classic cars through an alternative lens, thereby bestowing upon viewers a novel viewpoint on his expertise and unwavering enthusiasm.

By relocating to America and focusing on other entrepreneurial ventures that reflect his unique brand of ingenuity, Ant may have come to realize that there are greater opportunities outside the conventional automotive repair format of Wheeler Dealers.

While fans might feel a void without Ant appearing in every episode of Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car or yearn for his return as a full-time co-host on any iteration of the show, it is evident that this talented TV personality is boldly forging ahead with choices that enable him to fully immerse himself in all aspects of his car passion.

The puzzling absence of Ant Anstead from the widely loved show Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car has sparked curiosity among numerous fans. For several seasons, he played a crucial role in captivating viewers with his remarkable automotive expertise and amiable on-screen presence. However, it appears that there is a straightforward reason behind his departure.

A significant factor contributing to Ant Anstead’s absence from Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car lies in his commitment to another television endeavor: hosting his own show titled Celebrity IOU Joyride. Undoubtedly, this opportunity offered him an exhilarating new challenge where he could exhibit his fervor for cars while collaborating closely with various celebrities.


In conclusion, Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is the ultimate guide for car enthusiasts and fans of the popular television series. This article offers a comprehensive overview of what makes this show so popular worldwide. It provides expert advice, entertaining anecdotes, and behind-the-scenes insights that cater to all car enthusiasts.

If you love old cars or just want to have fun learning about them, Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car is a great show to watch. So, get comfortable on your sofa with some popcorn and get ready for an exciting adventure into the world of classic cars. Tune in to Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car and let Mike Brewer and his team ignite your passion for all things automotive!

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