Where are Amazing MG Cars Meticulously Made? Explained

MG Cars

The MG Cars Company initially made MG vehicles well-known as a nameplate for uncomplicated sports cars. The Oxford, England-based car sales and repair business Morris Garages was the first to use the initials MG, and they quickly came to stand for premium automobiles.

Up until its untimely conclusion in 2005, as the MG Rover Group folded, MG underwent numerous transformations over time under various conglomerates and subsidiaries, including British Leyland and Austin Rover.

The company has nevertheless seen a comeback under new ownership as MG Motor UK and now runs under SAIC Motors, China’s top automaker. With a thrilling lineup of all-electric vehicles that enthrall auto enthusiasts everywhere, MG is now back on track.

Where MG cars are made

MG Cars aficionados frequently inquire about the location of the famous vehicles’ production. The solution could surprise you! The modern MG automobiles are really produced in China, despite the British brand’s long history in the UK. This change happened after SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (SAIC Motor), a Chinese automaker with great intentions for the brand, bought MG in 2007.

With state-of-the-art plants using cutting-edge technology and trained labor, China has emerged as the new center of manufacturing for MG automobiles.

Is MG a British or Chinese brand?

The history of MG Cars is lengthy and intricate, tying China and Britain together. MG was established in the UK in the 1920s; it was formerly known as Morris Garages. However, there has been a major change in ownership and output during the past few years. After MG Rover filed for bankruptcy in 2005, a Chinese business named Nanjing Automobile Group acquired its assets.

Some contend that MG still has a British background despite the shift in ownership and manufacturing location. Since the design team is situated in Longbridge, England, each automobile features traditional British workmanship and design. Many of the model names also pay homage to earlier British icons like the MGB and MG Midget.

How to tell where your MG was made

If you’re the proud owner of an MG car, you may be curious as to where your prized automobile was created. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to find the source of your MG and quell your curiosity. Verifying the vehicle identification number (VIN) is one approach.

The first character in the VIN often denotes the country of origin. For example, if the VIN begins with S, your MG was manufactured in England. If it starts with an L, your car was probably made in China.

Examining the many labels found on various sections of the car is another technique to figure out where your MG was produced. Look for labels that include details about production or assembly facilities.

These markings are typically located inside the driver’s door jam or underneath the hood, close to particular parts. You can learn where certain components of your MG were made and put together by carefully inspecting their labels.

Investigating certain models and their production histories is another intriguing route to take. Over time, specific MG models have only been produced in specific nations or areas.

For instance, older iterations of well-known models like the MGB and Midget were mostly made in England, whereas recent iterations may have been put together in China or other nations as part of automakers’ worldwide production plans. Knowing this historical background can offer important hints about the genesis of your particular MG model.

Do UK-made MG cars differ from Chinese-made ones?

There might be slight differences between UK-made and Chinese-made MG cars due to manufacturing variations or specific features tailored to regional preferences. However, both versions undergo rigorous testing to meet high-quality standards.

Are there any plans to increase production outside of China and the UK?

As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements regarding expanding manufacturing sites beyond China and the UK. However, future plans may include additional locations based on market demand.

Can I import an MG car from another country if it’s not available locally?

If an MG car is not easily accessible domestically, it might be feasible to import one from another country, depending on the rules and import legislation of your country. Before making such preparations, it is suggested to verify with the local authorities or consult an expert.

Who owns MG now?

The London-based MG Motor UK is the owner of the MG nameplate. SAIC Motor, a Chinese automaker, is the owner of MG Motor UK. China, India, and Thailand are the countries that host all MG assembly lines and manufacturing facilities.


MG vehicles are currently produced in numerous countries all over the world. Despite having British roots, MG automobiles are now produced all over the world to meet the needs of various markets. The business now includes plants in China, Thailand, and India, where its vehicles are produced with an emphasis on both quality and price.

Due to its extensive global footprint, MG is able to access a variety of resources and subject-matter experts while upholding its dedication to building dependable and fashionable cars. Therefore, you can be sure that an MG automobile is close by, whether you’re in Europe or Asia. Why not look into the selection of MG automobiles produced on other continents the next time you’re thinking about buying a new car?

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