What is the Miata Wave? Explained

If you’ve ever driven a Mazda Miata, you may have noticed something strange: Miata drivers frequently wave to one another as they pass by.

The Miata Wave is a phenomenon that has become a cherished custom among Mazda Miata owners and fans. But what precisely is the Miata Wave, and why do these motorists make this unusual motion? We’ll delve into the history, significance, and etiquette of the Miata Wave in this article to reveal its exciting tale. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to discover this coded language that links Miata owners worldwide!

What is the Miata Wave? Explained
What is the Miata Wave? Explained

What is the Miata Wave? 

Owners of the classic Mazda MX-5, popularly known as the Miata, are entitled to use the Miata Wave. It’s more than just a simple wave; among fans of this cherished roadster, it’s considered a tradition. On the open road, Miata drivers wave to one another in a unique way whenever they cross paths. Even if they have never met before, it serves as a way of expressing that we are all related.

The Miata Wave is special because of its seclusion and togetherness. You won’t find it in other automotive communities. The wave unites people who have a passion for this little but mighty machine, notwithstanding their age, gender, and socioeconomic standing. It creates an instant connection between strangers who share a love of driving sports cars that makes people smile wherever they go.

This little act also demonstrates the tight-knit environment that surrounds this legendary car. The Miata Wave encourages friendships and gives owners chances to bond over interests other than a shared love of automobiles. This modest deed opens doors to developing long-lasting relationships that go far beyond waving at passing Miatas on winding country roads, whether it be sharing maintenance advice or going for rides together.

The Miata Wave essentially captures everything that is fantastic about owning and operating a Mazda MX-5: the thrill, the friendship, and the sense of belonging to something bigger than simply another vehicle on the road.

Why do MX-5 Miata owners wave at each other?

What is the Miata Wave? Explained
What is the Miata Wave? Explained

One might question why MX-5 Miata owners, out of all the many automobile types on the road, have a unique gesture created only for them: the infamous Miata Wave. This unusual occurrence has a long history in the MX-5 Miata community and stands for more than just a friendly hello between random individuals. In actuality, it represents a bond and respect for this venerable sports automobile.

Owners of MX-5 Miatas wave at one another as a show of support rather than just to acknowledge one another. The gesture reminds them that they are part of a select group who are united by a shared passion for this legendary car. The connection made via this modest but heartfelt act builds a sense of kinship among Miata lovers, bringing them together in their love of the vehicle and fostering lifelong connections.

The Miata Wave can be considered a representation of Mazda’s guiding principle, Jinba Ittai, which translates to “horse and rider as one.” This idea stresses the bond between the driver and the vehicle, which is a concept that permeates every Miata owner’s being. These drivers demonstrate their commitment to both celebrating other drivers who share their enthusiasm for driving and to their own personal driving experience by sending out this wave to other roadside enthusiasts.

Owners of MX-5 Miatas wave at one another for reasons that go much beyond basic recognition or a warm hello.

Community Behind the Miata Wave

What is the Miata Wave? Explained
What is the Miata Wave? Explained

It stands for the close-knit Miata community’s sense of solidarity and common interest. It’s not unusual for both drivers of two Miatas to wave enthusiastically or even flash their headlights in recognition of the recognizable sports vehicle when they pass one another on the road.

The Miata wave is unique since it cuts across all demographics, including age, background, and social standing. Whether you’ve been a Miata enthusiast for a while or are just getting started, you’ll feel right at home in this unique environment where everyone has a sincere passion for driving and open-air driving. You feel a connection that goes beyond simply owning a car thanks to the cordial interactions with other owners.

While some people would believe that this custom has lost some of its luster over time, thanks to online discussion forums and social media sites devoted to all things Miata, it is still alive and well today.

Thousands of enthusiasts have gathered in these internet venues to exchange stories, experiences, and modification advice, as well as to plan group drives and events. Beyond being a playful interaction on the road, the Miata wave has transformed into an entire subculture rooted in friendship and support among like-minded individuals who strive to keep zoom-zooming as one cohesive unit.

Why don’t some MX-5 Miata drivers wave?

What is the Miata Wave? Explained
What is the Miata Wave? Explained

The renowned Miata wave is one of the most cherished customs among MX-5 Miata drivers. It’s a small act that energizes the open road and fosters a sense of brotherhood. Many aficionados, however, are perplexed as to why some Miata drivers opt not to participate in this age-old custom.

The fact that not all Miata owners are aware of the wave or its significance in the community is one explanation. Some people may be buying their first sports car or venturing into the Miata community. In certain situations, people might not even be aware of the wave or its significance.

Different perspectives on what it means to operate an MX-5 could be another explanation for the lack of waves. For some drivers, their Miata is a serious performance vehicle rather than just a pleasure vehicle. These people could put their driving pleasure first rather than making nice gestures to other drivers who share their passion.

It can be upsetting when another MX-5 driver doesn’t wave back, being aware of the numerous causes of this occurrence can help lessen the sting. Waving is optional but undoubtedly appreciated by those who embrace it, as every Miata owner offers their particular enthusiasm to this treasured group, whether due to ignorance or different viewpoints on driving experiences.

Controversies and criticisms surrounding the Miata wave 

The Miata wave, a pleasant handshake used among Mazda MX-5 drivers on the road, has generated debate and conflict within the automotive industry. Some contend that because it is often only provided to other Miata drivers, it encourages exclusivity and elitism. It has also drawn criticism for the distraction it may cause while driving, which could result in collisions or a loss of concentration on the road.

The Miata wave, on the other hand, is just a harmless way for admirers of this legendary roadster to acknowledge one another, say aficionados in response to these concerns.

They perceive it as a sign of comradery and respect for a common interest. Furthermore, they contend that while every type of road interaction has some risk, doing so does not necessarily make it risky.


The Miata Wave is a distinctive and appealing custom among Mazda Miata owners that exemplifies the community’s solidarity and commitment. It is a straightforward gesture that expresses respect, adoration, and recognition for the legendary roadster.

The Miata Wave is a symbol of the connections made through this common experience, whether it is being driven down a wide-open road or parked next to another car at a car meet. Don’t forget to wave to other Miata drivers the next time you see them on the road, since doing so signifies more than simply being friendly; it also shows that you are a part of something greater. Let’s continue the custom and share happiness with the Miata community with each wave that is exchanged.

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