Who Is Wheeler Dealers’ Paul Brackley?

You’re definitely familiar with the popular automobile show Wheeler Dealers if you’ve come across this page.

The show follows Mike Brewer, a used automobile expert, and master technician Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley as they source, restore, and sell historic vehicles.

Behind the scenes, a crew of people works tirelessly to make the show what it is. Lighting teams, camera crews, car buyers, and technical consultants such as Paul Brackley make up the production team.

We’ll go into who Paul Brackley is, how he got called up to Wheeler Dealers, and why he eventually quit the show in this post. We’ll also keep you updated on what he’s up to now. Let’s get started!

Who is Paul Brackley?

Paul Brackley is most known for his appearances as a technical expert on Wheeler Dealers. Brackley would aid Edd China with off-screen repairs and Mike Brewer tow cars back to the workshop when they broke down.

Paul would occasionally appear on-screen to assist China with more tedious jobs, such as full engine rebuilds.

Paul Brackley is just recognized as the show’s ‘Mechanic’ and ‘Edd’s pal’ on IMDb.

Paul briefly worked on a show called Flipping Bangers after leaving Wheeler Dealers. Paul is now working on autos featured on Salvage Hunters: Classic autos.

What did Paul Brackley do on Wheeler Dealers?

Paul Brackley worked behind the scenes on Wheeler Dealers to ensure that all of the vehicles were roadworthy and passed inspection. This included testing for flaws and malfunctions in the brakes, steering, and tires.

Because this job was considered a regular procedure, it was generally done behind the scenes.

Paul revealed the full magnitude of his work on Wheeler Dealers: The Movie in a recent visit to Edd China’s Workshop Diaries YouTube series.

Mike, according to Edd China, would generally bring back a car with “20 things wrong with it.” On-screen, Edd would make four major repairs.

Paul would address the remaining 16 issues after Edd and Mike had left the set. Paul also worked tirelessly behind the scenes to thoroughly evaluate the vehicles prior to purchase.

Why did Paul Brackley leave Wheeler Dealers?

Paul and Edd China both left Wheeler Dealers as technical advisors in 2017. Since then, Paul has had no association with the show. It is assumed that Paul, like Edd, was dissatisfied with the show’s new direction and its reduced repair segments.

Paul initially joined Wheeler Dealers in 2004 when it became clear that Edd would want assistance with his workload.

They collaborated on Wheeler Dealers until Series 13 (2017), when they both quit the show.

While it has never been confirmed, Paul’s exit from Wheeler Dealers is assumed to be tied to Edd China’s departure from the show.

Paul and Edd have been excellent friends for a long time, so it stands to reason that they would adhere to the same ideals. They were constantly inseparable!

How did Paul and Edd become friends?

Paul and Edd have known one another since the mid-1990s. When Edd was seeking for a distributor for his new Rover V8-powered Volkswagen van, he encountered Paul. Paul actually sold Edd a defective item, forcing Edd to return his money.

While their friendship began on a negative note, they ultimately grew to appreciate assisting each other with odd jobs and repairs.

In March 1999, Paul assisted Edd in establishing Cummfy Banana LTD, which acted as a creative outlet for Edd and Paul to continue developing zany motorized inventions. A driving bed and a ‘bathroom bike’ are two of the most remarkable creations.

Prior to Wheeler Dealers, Paul and Edd collaborated on Top Gear: Panic Mechanics. The notion of this limited-edition series was that two teams would be given a budget and a restricted number of resources to design a vehicle that matched specified criteria.

The most bizarre and amazing vehicle would triumph. The losing team would have to watch as their vehicle was smashed. Yikes.

Paul and Edd continue to collaborate on new projects, and Paul even appears on Edd China’s new YouTube series, Workshop Diaries.

Will Paul ever rejoin Wheeler Dealers?

Paul Brackley is unlikely to return to Wheeler Dealers as a technical advisor. His close friendship with Edd China probably prohibits him from doing so. When asked what he thought of the latest Wheeler Dealers series, Paul just replied, ‘Oh dear’:

Final thoughts

It’s easy to forget that behind the flash and glory (or, in the case of Wheeler Dealers, the grease and filth) of a TV show, there’s a slew of hardworking people who are never seen on-screen.

Wheeler Dealers has been on the radio for over 15 years. However, it has not been easy. It has had many ups and downs over its time on television.

The show was moved from the United Kingdom to the United States and back again, Edd China left on bad terms, and Ant Anstead announced his departure from the show.

However, behind all of the drama is a committed production staff that works diligently to make the show what it is.

Paul Brackley was a member of this group. His technical work on Wheeler Dealers ensured that the vehicles were roadworthy and reconditioned to a high quality.

It’s been lovely to see Paul appear in Edd China’s Workshop Diaries and provide a hand with the different projects Edd has undertaken.

The boys have been buddies for a long time, and it shows.

And, as always, we’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

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