How do journalists get press cars?

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The Press Car, the embodiment of a reporter’s dream, gleams in its brand-new, shiny glory as they take the wheel. These fortunate people have access to some of the most sought-after cars on the market as they travel down the open road with a pen and camera in hand. But how precisely do journalists obtain these esteemed positions? How does one transition from reviewing vehicles to actually driving them?

A journalist’s employment requires them to get press vehicles so they can test-drive and review the newest models for their audience. So how exactly do they obtain these highly sought-after wheels? Developing connections with automakers and dealerships is one typical method. By attending press conferences, trade exhibitions, and networking with business people in the industry, journalists frequently establish rapport. As a result, opportunities for press car loans and invites to special test drive events are made possible.

Press cars for their journalists might also be secured in a big way by media outlets themselves. Large magazines may have long-standing relationships or partnerships with automakers that give them access to vehicles on a regular basis for reviews. Smaller businesses may pool their resources or form joint ventures to increase their chances of obtaining automobiles on loan from manufacturers.

How do automotive journalists get press cars?

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To obtain press cars for reviews, automotive journalists rely on solid ties with automakers and their PR professionals. These relationships are developed over time via mutual respect, authority, and a track record of unbiased and informative reporting. Journalists must propose an intriguing story concept that is in line with the manufacturer’s objectives rather than just asking for a car. They must underline the benefits of using their particular newspaper or platform to connect with readers who might become customers or fans.

Before acquiring a press car, automotive journalists must pass a rigorous screening process in addition to having these contacts in the industry. When determining which journalists are deserving of given vehicles, manufacturers carefully consider things including circulation numbers, online traffic, social media following, and audience demographics. This makes sure that the money spent on lending out press cars generates the most publicity and connects with the intended audience.

How can you get access to press cars?

Every automobile enthusiast’s fantasy comes true with press cars, where you can test out the newest models and tell the world what you think. But how can you actually get your hands on these sought-after automobiles?

1: Build an audience

Are you a fan of automobiles and wish you could try out the newest models? You don’t have to be a professional auto journalist to get your hands on press cars, though it will take some work and planning. Developing an audience is a crucial component. – Create material that connects with other automobile lovers whether you’re blogging, vlogging, or using social media to gain followers who value your viewpoints. Brands are constantly seeking publicity, so if they can see how working with you can benefit them, they might be more likely to give you access to their vehicles.

Getting in touch with regional vehicle dealerships or the PR divisions of automakers directly is another option worth investigating. Many businesses have programs in place for amateur reviewers or influencers who can aid in the dissemination of their message among specialized audiences.

Do you have what it takes to be an influencer?

It’s difficult to grow an audience, but if you love to write and connect with others, you could have what it takes to become an influencer. Being an influencer needs commitment, consistency, and the capacity for honest communication; it goes beyond posting attractive photos or having a sizable following.
The desire to work hard behind the scenes is one of the fundamental traits required to be a great influencer. It takes time and work to build an audience, from planning and producing content to interacting with your followers. Finding your specialty, comprehending what appeals to your audience, and continuously modifying and evolving your strategy are all important.

 2:  Get some contacts

It’s crucial to start by establishing contacts within the automotive sector in order to have access to press cars. Attend regional auto shows, go to networking gatherings, and join groups for professionals in journalism or the automotive media. You can find out about future press events and acquire important knowledge on how to get a test drive by getting in touch with industry professionals.
Additionally, get in touch with the PR divisions of automakers directly. For journalists and bloggers to review their vehicles, several automakers have programs in place. Send a clear, professional pitch outlining your goals and showing your background as a car-focused author or blogger.

Make sure to include information about your audience reach and engagement analytics since they can have an impact on their decision to offer you a press car.
Last but not least, think about joining a reputable automotive media group that grants press credentials. Some organizations give their members access to special press drives that are organized by manufacturers. When asking for test drives from automobile companies directly, you can benefit from the reputation and credibility of such an organization by being affiliated with it.

3: Ask!

Do you want to be the first to drive the newest and best vehicles? It’s not just for car industry writers and influencers. You may actually get inside press cars, believe it or not! The trick? Simply ask! Reaching out to local dealerships and automakers may seem frightening, but doing so might lead to a world of thrilling test drives.

Find out which manufacturers provide press loaners and obtain the contact details for their media offices to start your research. Whether it’s through a blog, a social media following, or even a personal project, create a convincing pitch that highlights your love of automobiles. Don’t be afraid to draw attention to any original insights or angles you have to offer. Keep in mind that being persistent while reaching out is essential. Even if you don’t get a response right away, keep trying with various businesses until you establish those crucial contacts.

Once you’ve made contact with automakers, keep your conversation professional yet friendly. Explain why you think having access to press cars would be advantageous to both sides and demonstrate a sincere interest in their brand. Additionally, stress your dedication to delivering in-depth reviews supported by in-depth insights and analyses.

Why do automakers loan out press cars?

There are several compelling reasons why automakers lend journalists cars. First of all, it enables them to create anticipation and buzz around their most recent models. Automakers can make use of their wide audience and influence by giving their automobiles to prominent journalists, bloggers, and other media people in order to raise interest among prospective customers.

Additionally, lending journalists vehicles gives automakers access to insightful comments and reviews. These discoveries aid in the improvement of their vehicles’ design and the general caliber of their output. Companies have the chance to remedy any problems or flaws before the cars enter the market by getting candid feedback from knowledgeable experts in the area.

Additionally, automakers use press car loans as a marketing tactic. Success in today’s fiercely competitive economy depends on building a positive reputation. Positive evaluations or suggestions from reputable journalists help a car’s credibility with consumers and improve its reputation. As a result, lending out press vehicles turns into a successful strategy for automakers to raise brand recognition and ultimately enhance sales.


In conclusion, journalists can obtain press automobiles via a variety of strategies. This allows them to cover stories and give their readers honest, enlightening reviews of vehicles. There are many ways for journalists to obtain press vehicles, including establishing contacts with automakers and dealerships, working with rental companies, or relying on personal connections. However, it is crucial for journalists to uphold their objectivity and independence by delivering accurate news. Journalists can continue to use these beneficial resources and continue to provide their readers with high-quality content by upholding ethical norms. So keep in mind the work journalists put in to provide you with the most accurate information possible the next time you read a car review.

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