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If you have ever wondered what TV show car enthusiasts hold dear, the answer will likely be Wheeler Dealers. This preference stems from their deep appreciation for tales of resurgence and triumph. The Wheeler Dealers team experts possess unparalleled expertise in resurrecting dilapidated automobiles, ensuring that someone else can revel in their renewed splendor.

Wheeler Dealers

His talent for uncovering hidden treasures in forgotten garages or online listings keeps everyone on the edge, eagerly anticipating his next discovery. Alongside his expertise as a seasoned car dealer, Brewer’s impressive negotiation skills ensure that buyers and sellers are satisfied. As a new co-host joins the team in 2023, there is much anticipation about how this dynamic will evolve. This addition brings a fresh face and diverse automotive knowledge, further enhancing the show’s appeal.

If your quest involves obtaining an exhaustive compendium covering every aspect of wheeler dealers, rest assured that you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Let us commence our exploration together.

How long have Wheeler Dealers been on TV?

The well-known car restoration program Wheeler Dealers has been a staple on television for an astonishing 18 years. A tiny program that debuted in 2003 has blossomed into a global phenomenon, enthralling viewers with its distinctive fusion of entertainment and education.

The show, which is hosted by the charismatic combo of Mike Brewer and Edd China (later replaced by Ant Anstead), follows the group as it searches online classifieds, barns, and garages for neglected historic cars that it can fix and resell for a profit.

Throughout its long run, Wheeler Dealers has entertained viewers with its engaging format and provided valuable insights into car restoration techniques. Whether deciphering complicated wiring diagrams or tackling tricky engine repairs, each episode offers a hands-on learning experience for casual car enthusiasts and seasoned mechanics alike. Beyond just fixing cars, Wheeler Dealers highlights the importance of skills such as negotiation and resourcefulness when dealing with restorations on limited budgets.

What sets Wheeler Dealers apart from similar shows is its focus on showcasing affordable classics that are within reach for many viewers. While other programs may concentrate on high-end luxury vehicles or rare collectibles, this show emphasizes practicality without compromising style or performance.

By featuring more attainable classics like Volkswagen Beetles or Ford Mustangs alongside iconic Porsches or Ferraris, Wheeler Dealers speaks to a wider audience who dreams of getting their hands dirty and restoring their beloved ride.

What was the first car to appear on Wheeler Dealers?

Delve into the captivating world of Wheeler Dealers with an in-depth exploration of their first venture, the iconic 1983 Porsche 924. Acquired at a jaw-droppingly low price of $700, this pivotal episode paved the way for an extraordinary journey in automotive restoration.

The Porsche 924 was important as the first car featured on the show, showcasing its unique design and historical significance. Although some argue it wasn’t the most glamorous option to kickstart a prominent TV series, it demonstrated Brewer and China’s unwavering determination and expertise in taking on demanding restoration projects.

With each episode highlighting diverse makes and models, ranging from extravagant supercars to budget-friendly classics, it is truly captivating to uncover that everything commenced with a modest Porsche 924.

The first episode’s success set the stage for Wheeler Dealers to become a renowned show that focuses on turning neglected vehicles into impressive automotive masterpieces. Their love for cars captivates audiences around the globe.

What Is The Wheeler Dealers Theme Song?

The Wheeler Dealers theme song, Balaclava by The Wideboys, flawlessly embodies the show’s spirit. Its vibrant rhythms and infectious melody establish the atmosphere for the anticipation and exhilaration that viewers can anticipate in every episode. Introduced in Series 5, this song has become inseparable from Wheeler Dealers.

Balaclava’s alluring charm will have you spellbound as it seamlessly combines diverse musical styles. With a seamless blend of rock, electronic beats, and funky vibes, this sensational band concocts a unique sound that will have you hooked from the very first note until the grand finale. Brace yourself for the exhilarating lyrics that touch upon themes of thrilling adventures, lightning-fast journeys, and audacious risks—all guaranteed to strike a chord with die-hard Wheeler Dealers enthusiasts.

Wheeler Dealers Intro

An intriguing aspect of this theme song is how it mirrors Mike Brewer’s persona as the host of Wheeler Dealers. Just as the song blends different genres together, Mike Brewer is a flexible car enthusiast who fearlessly delves into various types of vehicles on the show.

Balaclava, the theme song of Wheeler Dealers, perfectly captures the fearless essence of its host. Just like his boldness in car restorations and buying ventures, the upbeat rhythm and spirited melody of the song reflect his daring spirit. This connection between Balaclava and the host’s personality adds another layer of depth to the show and its accompanying soundtrack, making it an iconic part of Wheeler Dealers’ identity.

Balaclava, the theme song of Wheeler Dealers, perfectly captures the fearless essence of its host. Just like his boldness in car restorations and buying ventures, the upbeat rhythm and spirited melody of the song reflect his daring spirit. This connection between Balaclava and the host’s personality adds another layer of depth to the show and its accompanying soundtrack, making it an iconic part of Wheeler Dealers’ identity.

How Many Mechanics Work at Wheeler Dealers?

Wheeler Dealers is a popular television series that revolves around the process of buying and restoring classic cars for profit. One question that often arises among fans is how many mechanics work on the show. While the two main stars, Mike Brewer and Edd China, are known for their expertise in finding and negotiating great deals, they can’t do all the mechanical work themselves.

A group of expert mechanics working behind the scenes at Wheeler Dealers is essential to bringing these vintage vehicles back to life. All technicians check, fix, or replace every nut and bolt as necessary. They have various skills and specialize in several fields, including upholstery, electrical systems, bodywork, and engines.

It’s crucial to acknowledge the efforts of the entire mechanic crew, who toil ceaselessly behind the scenes while Mike and Edd participate in the repair process by getting their hands filthy when necessary.

Their dedication and expertise are essential in turning worn-out classics into gleaming showroom-worthy vehicles that ultimately fetch top dollar at auction. These mechanics’ collaboration displays their skills and aptitude to operate well together under time constraints.

How Many Series of Wheeler Dealers Are There?

Wheeler Dealers, the popular British television series that follows automotive enthusiasts Mike Brewer and Edd China as they restore and sell used cars for a profit, has amassed an impressive number of seasons over the years. Currently, there are a whopping 22 series of Wheeler Dealers! Each season is packed with excitement, humor, and incredible transformations of classic cars worldwide.

Its unique blend of entertainment and education sets Wheeler Dealers apart from other car restoration shows. As Mike carefully selects the vehicles to work on based on potential profit margins, viewers get an insight into the real-life world of buying and selling cars. Edd’s remarkable mechanical skills shine through as he breathes new life into worn-out machines. Watching them tackle various challenges head-on throughout each series is fascinating.

Despite some notable changes in the show’s format over time (including Edd’s departure after 13 seasons), Wheeler Dealers continues to captivate audiences with engaging hosts and their mutual love for automobiles. Each new series brings fresh opportunities for Mike and his trusted mechanics to delve into different car models and showcase their expertise in restoring old gems. The show is a testament to passion-driven television programming and the enduring popularity of classic cars among fans worldwide.

What Are the Wheeler Dealers Spin-Off Shows?

The success of the popular car restoration show, Wheeler Dealers, has given rise to several spin-off shows that have captivated audiences worldwide. One such spin-off is Wheeler Dealers: Trading Up. In this series, host Mike Brewer takes on the challenge of trading his way from a humble vehicle to a luxury car in different countries. This captivating show showcases Brewer’s negotiation skills and offers a unique look into various global automotive markets.

Another exciting spin-off from Wheeler Dealers is Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car. This show follows renowned mechanic Ant Anstead as he helps individuals transform their beloved but flawed classic cars into their dream rides. Anstead’s expertise and attention to detail shine as he works with passionate owners to overcome challenges and turn their old treasures into stunning vintage beauties.

These spin-offs provide fresh perspectives for fans of the original show and ensure something for every car enthusiast. Whether it’s following Brewer on his trading adventures or watching Anstead work his magic on dream cars, these spin-offs continue to engage viewers with their compelling stories and captivating automotive journeys.

Are Wheeler dealers real or fake?

Host Mike Brewer assures viewers that everything featured on the show is completely genuine, with no room for doubt. To guarantee an authentic experience, Mike and his co-host, Edd China, acquired the cars themselves.

One of the main criticisms of wheeler dealers is that they must accurately represent the true costs of restoring and selling classic cars. Some viewers claim that the budget allocated for each project seems unrealistically low, leading to suspicions about whether or not additional funding is provided off-camera. In response, fans of the show argue that it’s simply an entertainment program and should not be taken as a completely accurate representation of real-world mechanics’ processes.

Whether Wheeler Dealers is real or fake depends on how one defines reality in this context. The hosts, Mike Brewer and Edd China’s love for restoring old cars is evident, even though some dramatic effects may be faked and the budgetary restrictions may not match true industry standards. So while aspects of the show may deviate from reality TV purists’ expectations, it continues to provide entertaining content for car aficionados worldwide.

Why do wheeler dealers sell so cheap?

Regarding the world of car flipping, few TV shows have captured viewers’ attention quite like Wheeler Dealers. Week after week, we watch in awe as Mike Brewer and Edd China transform neglected vehicles into polished gems. But one question that often lingers is why they sell their restored cars at such bargain prices.

One possible explanation lies in their strategy for turning a profit. By selling the refurbished vehicles at lower prices, Wheeler Dealers can attract many buyers who may have yet to consider purchasing a classic car. This creates a quick turnover and ensures a steady income stream for the duo. When you consider how many automobiles they sell, even a seemingly little profit margin on each sale adds up.

Another factor to consider is that Mike and Edd have always been passionate about sharing their automotive knowledge with others. They enjoy seeing people drive away with a quality vehicle that fits their budget. In many ways, they prioritize customer satisfaction over maximizing profits, which explains why they are willing to sell their cars at cheaper rates than what could potentially be attained elsewhere.

The advantages of selling at a lower price are manifold. It attracts buyers more expeditiously, allowing Mike to seamlessly embark on new projects and sustain the series’ appeal for their audience. Still, pricing them competitively also enables them to sell off their cars sooner rather than later. This ensures they have sufficient resources for future episodes while upholding profitability in an exceedingly cutthroat automobile market. Therefore, when viewers ponder why some Wheeler Dealers cars are priced below expectations, it becomes imperative to consider the time constraints imposed by filming each episode within a specific timeframe.

Where are Wheeler Dealers Filmed?

Where are Wheeler Dealers filmed? This is a question that many fans of the popular TV show have wondered about. The answer may surprise you. While the hosts, Mike Brewer and Edd China, are based in the United Kingdom, most of the filming occurs across the pond in California, USA.

The decision to film in California was not just a random choice. Like Wheeler Dealers, the Sunshine State offers various advantages for shooting a car restoration show. Firstly, California has a rich car culture with an abundance of classic cars and automotive enthusiasts willing to sell their beloved vehicles. Secondly, the state’s diverse landscape provides stunning backdrops for showcasing these iconic cars in all their glory.

One of the main filming locations for Wheeler Dealers is Los Angeles, home to numerous renowned car dealerships and auto auctions. These locations offer Mike Brewer plenty of options for finding potential deals on classic cars that need love and attention. Additionally, Los Angeles offers easy access to scenic coastal roads and picturesque mountain passes where Edd China can test-drive and fine-tune each vehicle after its restoration.

So next time you tune into Wheeler Dealers and marvel at Mike and Edd’s automotive adventures, remember that behind every upgrade and bargain deal lies sunny California as their backdrop—a place where classic cars find new life under expert hands amidst beautiful landscapes—making it truly an ideal location for this captivating TV show.

Why Did Wheeler Dealers Change Mechanics?

The decision to change the mechanics of Wheeler Dealers’ popular TV show sparked much fan buzz. Many viewers wondered why a beloved duo like Mike Brewer and Edd China would part ways. Although some people assumed there was friction, the reality is very different. Time restrictions could be one factor in the change.

Edd China, known for his meticulous attention to detail and hands-on approach, often spent weeks working on each car. This level of commitment became increasingly challenging as the show gained popularity and more demands were placed on him and Mike. With production schedules tightening, it’s possible that Edd felt overwhelmed or unable to deliver his best work under those circumstances.

The shift in mechanics could also be attributed to a desire for fresh perspectives and new ideas. By bringing Ant Anstead after Edd’s departure, the producers aimed to inject new energy into the show while maintaining its core values. Ant’s background in mechanical engineering and experience with classic cars add a different dynamic to the team, resulting in unique problem-solving approaches that can captivate both long-time viewers and newcomers alike.

Although many fans were initially skeptical about Wheeler Dealers’ changing mechanics, it seems evident now that these changes were necessary for various practical and creative reasons. The new dynamics between Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead have breathed new life into the show while keeping its essence intact, creating an exciting new chapter for avid car enthusiasts worldwide.


In conclusion, Wheeler Dealers is an incredibly popular and entertaining television show that combines the thrill of car restoration with the charm and expertise of its hosts, Mike Brewer and Edd China. From finding and purchasing old vehicles to transforming them into stunning works of art, this show has captivated audiences worldwide.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or simply enjoy watching the process of turning something old into something new, Wheeler Dealers is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and let Mike and Edd take you on a wild ride through the world of automotive restoration. Don’t miss out on this exciting journey—tune in to Wheeler Dealers today!

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